nx-youtubeBox Demo

Video Header

Durch Cropping & neu Platzierung des Videos kann mit der nx-youtubeBox ein Videoheader auf Deiner Seite realisiert werden. Die Höhe & Platzierung des Videos innerhalb des Headers kann manuell gewählt werden. Der Blocklayer verhindert das Besucher mit dem Video interagieren können.

Playlist Demo

Die nx-youtubeBox unterstützt neben den Modi für die Wiedergabe einzelner Videos zudem die Option ganze Playlists auf Basis der Playlist ID's oder User Videos in Deine Seite einzubinden.

Simple Video Demo

Standard Integration mit Autoplay & Mute. nx-youtubeBox kann auch als einfacher Player eingebunden werden. Standardparameter wie Autoplay, Mute sowie Aspekte zum Design (hier: Schatten & Border-Radius). Können im Modul Backend angepasst werden.

Polaroid Style

Mittels Border-Settings, Schatten Optionen & Video Rotation kann die nx-youtubeBox einen Polaroid Effekt für Deine Videos erzeugen.

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nx-AgileGallery Demo

beschreibung: nx-AgileGallery automatically creates galleries based on your folder structure.
Title: nx-AgileGallery


Introducing nx agileGallery, a Joomla extension for beautiful picture galleries based on your folder structure. Incredibly fast and stable, the nx agileGallery builds entire galleries with multiple albums fully automatically. You can easily upload new folders & images via FTP, which will be automatically added to the gallery the next time you load the page. Additionally nx agileGallery offers you a wide range of advanced configuration possibilities for the presentation of the albums in the simplest way. Grid layouts and animations can be easily customized in the backend.


What does this module offer you?

nx-AgileGallery automatically creates galleries based on your folder structure. New images & albums can be uploaded to the base folder via FTP. The albums and images are automatically displayed on your page within the module.


Why nx-AgileGallery?

Only the nx-AgileGallery offers you the possibility of a completely autonomous processing of the pictures. Your photographer only has to upload the images via FTP, the albums and images are automatically displayed in the gallery.


What else do I have to do?

Install the module, configure the module with more than 50 options exactly to your needs and publish the module on a page where your gallery should be displayed. Uploading new images via FTP is enough to update the gallery.

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